Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spring Cleaning-Ideas & Tips

As spring starts to roll in I start to sift through my closets and draws to de-clutter and make room for this seasons must-haves. Although no one likes to take the time to go through everything I believe that it is a necessary thing to do at least once a year.

Going through your makeup is something that is often forgotten about. Makeup like food, has an expiration date, it is always good to know how long something is good for and when you should throw it out. Mascara is one people like to hold onto for longer than you should. You should throw your mascara away after 2-3 months, or when you see it drying out/smelling different. TIP: Do not share your mascara with anyone…ever. Mascara wands can spread a lot of germs; use a disposable wand if you must share with someone. Liquid foundation/concealer should be tossed when you start to see the color separate. This could happen anywhere from 6-12 months. To make your foundation/concealer last longer keep it out of direct sunlight, UV rays can destroy the preservatives that keep your foundation looking fresh. Lip-gloss/lipstick can generally last a pretty long time. Lipstick can last around 2 years, toss it when you notice it drying out. Lip-gloss lasts about a year, if it becomes even stickier than usual and the color starts to separate you should get rid of it. Eye shadows can last up to 2 years; expired powders tend to be dry and flakier than usual, same goes for powder foundations. Using expired makeup can cause breakouts and infections, make sure you take the time to go through and dispose of old makeup.

If you’re like me, cleaning out your closet could be the hardest part about spring cleaning. I go through my closet saying to myself “I might wear this again” “Who knows if I’ll ever have to dress like an 80’s aerobics teacher again” chances are if you say any variation of this about any piece in your wardrobe, you’ll never wear it again. You shouldn’t be making excuses for why you should keep an item of clothing. An idea that I’m trying out this year to see what I actually wear in my wardrobe, is to hang all your clothes up with the hangers facing backwards. When you wear/wash/put away an item you put the hanger the correct way. At the end of the year the hangers facing backwards are items you never wore that year and therefore can be disposed of. It’s a good way to tell what you actually wear in your wardrobe and what items you hold onto just for keepsakes.

Go through your handbags/wallets, remember all those Vera Bradley / Coach bags you got in middle/high school; chances are you’re still hoarding those around. It’s time to get rid of those, sell them, donate them, or give them to a relative. Are you really going to go back to using them when the one you’re using now cost more than all of them combined? I don’t think so. So let them go to someone that will actually put them to good use.

Let me know how you clean out your closet, I'm always looking for more tips!

Disclaimer: These photos are not mine and were found on Tumblr.


  1. I said I'm sorry momma!
    I never meant to hurt you!
    I never meant to make you cry, but tonight
    I'm cleaning out my closet

  2. Love this post!!! Speaking of closet cleaning, I really need to clean mine out :)

  3. great post!! :)