Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Day at the Fair 2014

Growing up in the small town of Woodstock, it’s the small events like the county fair that bring the community together. Although I say "small event," this is the biggest attraction to my hometown. Living where there is one traffic light, no gas stations, no grocery stores, and just as many cows as there are people, the Woodstock Fair is still able to draw more than 200,000 people. Ever since I can remember I went to the fair. It used to be all about the prizes; playing every game in sight to win the coolest stuffed animal. In high school, it was about mingling around the rides on Friday night wristband night. Now at 21 years old, it’s all about the food. 

If there is going to be one day you stray away from your diet, the day you go to the fair is that day. If you ask me, some of the best foods are: Italian sausage with peppers and onions, blooming onion with ranch, Ray's french fries, Del's lemonade, fried dough, & Nicholas and I’s favorite, the sweet corn on the cob. Calvin and Hobbes said it best, “Summer is butter on your chin and corn mush between every tooth.” 

The food isn't the only thing that brings people to the fair, it’s also the animals. Aka the part I drag Nicholas through unwillingly. Walking through the barns with all the animals is definitely one of my favorite parts. Almost every single time I debate buying myself a bunny. That’s when I am reminded my dogs would not agree with me bringing one home. 

The fair is has been an iconic part of my childhood and I foresee myself continuing to go every year, even if just for one day. I don't think I'm ready to give up fried dough and sweet corn just yet.

If I have the opportunity to hold / pet any animal I will, let that be said. I pushed through the line to get to these adorable baby chicks! These chicks were only minutes old and you could watch them hatch in the incubator. They were incredibly soft and so adorable. They would fall asleep right in your hands! 

Babies on babies; cows, goats, & sheep... Oh my! 

Three amazing pumpkin carvings that had won awards! Am I the only one who finds the face a bit creepy?

The heaviest pumpkin weighing in at 1115 lbs! Imagine trying to carve this one!

Some iconic parts of the fair:
1. Hand painted mirror art. You can watch the old man painting hundred of different sceneries on mirrors.
2/3. For the past 5 years we have had an amazing sand castle artist come to the fair and throughout the weekend they create the most incredible sand art depicting great parts of the fair. 
4. If you like french fries, (but really, who doesn't?) Ray's French Fries is the place to go. Nothing is better when you get them fresh out of the oil. Personally, I like them with salt & ketchup.

What are some festivities that are local to your hometown? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Thanks for the tour. I'm with you it's all about the food now. We are a lot alike also. Love the sausage and peppers and onions, French fries and of course Dels. Mmmmm. Love your Blogs. Keep up the great work.. Love and Miss you. Uncle Todd

  2. Just died of cuteness when I saw that little yellow birdie :)

  3. These animals are so cute. Great pictures. Looks like you had a great time. Keep up the good work.