Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Ever Addicting Pinterest

Whenever I find myself needing something to do or when I'm trying to fall asleep at night I find myself pinning for hours. You can find pretty much anything your heart desires on Pinterest. I have spent a lot of time on Pinterest, more than I'd like to admit but you can easily tell by my 8K pins. Nicholas will tell you he hates Pinterest because I can spend hours and hours on it!

My "Happily Ever After" board is by far my favorite and the board I pin on the most. Seriously, anything and everything I want my wedding to be like is on that board!

To help me fall asleep I often check out the humor page linked from the home page. It ends up keeping me up for hours. Some of the posts are extremely cheesy & most aren't funny or I don't get the joke. But when you find one hilarious post it makes up for the time you spent looking through all the other junk.

Pinterest food is addicting and I've tried out hundreds of recipes, some turned out to be delicious, others not so much. Quick tip: never try (cake/brownie/cookie) in a mug! I've tried about ten and they were all terrible or they exploded in my microwave!

Let me know if you have a Pinterest, I'm always looking for more people to follow!

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