Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Favorites

This month I haven't tried a ton of new products but I have gone back to some old favorites! I rediscovered my Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, I forgot how much I love this fragrance! It is seriously my favorite scent and I think its perfect for all year round. It is a very classic and popular scent. I also fell in love with the Maybeline Age Rewind Concealers, I use one to conceal my under eyes and the other to brighten my under eyes. I really love the constancy of these products and I don't have a problem with them creasing under my eyes. This month I have worn my monogram necklaces almost every single day! I got mine from BaubleBar and I find that its an amazing quality and I don't have a problem with it tarnishing or turning green. I think I have found the best fall nail color, Essie's Take It Outside is a great mauvey - grey color! I have two favorite lip products this month! One being a lipstick and the other a lip glow. My favorite lip stick this month is Rimmel London's Kate Moss lipstick in number 08. This is a perfect darker natural color, close to a Kylie Jenner inspired lip. I have been wearing this almost every single day, its neutral and it goes with any eye look! My other lip favorite is Dior's Lip Glow, I've had this for almost 6 months now and it is one of my favorite products. It is moisturizing like a chapstick but it works with the warmth of your lips and creates a unique lip color depending on the person wearing it. 

What have you been loving this month?

Monday, September 29, 2014

What's In My Purse!

Hello everybody! I thought I'd show you guys what I carry around in my purse since I've had it for about a month now and I've collected a lot of things, some necessary some are not. I am in love with this bag, it is very durable and it easily fits tons of items. One of my favorite things about it is the different straps, there are two short straps to carry the bag on your arm but also a long strap to wear over your shoulder. 

I tend to keep a ton of items in my purse a lot of them are necessary but I keep too many. I tend to hoard pens and lip products. One necessity for your purse in a first aid kit, I keep one in mine and I have used it so often. Make sure to keep it stocked with band aids and Neosporin! I always keep headphones in my purse and also a spare charger, having your phone die is one of the worst things now a days. Headaches are my worst nightmare I always make sure to have Advil handy! For makeup products I keep a mattifying powder in my purse to prevent shine. 

What are the essentials in your purse?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Favorite Candles

One thing I love most about fall is the warm candle scents! I absolutely love candles, especially during the fall / winter months. Candles make your house / room warmer and feel cozier! Here are some of my all time favorite candles!

1. Macintosh - Yankee Candle Here
This scent is easily my favorite scent ever! I have been burning this scent for years now and I always give at least one for a gift every year. I'm not sure if it's because I grew up so close to apple orchards but I just love this scent. It smells as if you have an apple orchard in your room! I have this scent in my car also!

2. Harvest Peaches - Bath & Body Works Here
Along with apple I love peach scent things! Peaches are more of a summery / fall scent than a winter scent. This scent is a sweeter fruity scent but I very much enjoy it!

3. Baies - Diptyque Here
This is the more expensive candle on my list but it smells amazing. As you can tell I tend to stick towards the fruity scents. This candle smells like berries and it is seriously delicious! Although this candle is pricey it is definitely worth it!

4. Leaves - Bath & Body Works Here
Leaves is easily of one B&BW most talked about candle. It is described as a golden nectar, red apple, & spiced berry scent. This candle is perfect for the fall and smells of the outdoors. It reminds me of hiking in the woods.

5. Garden Cucumber - Yankee Candle
I think I love this scent because it is my mom's favorite all time scent! Unfortunately Yankee Candle discontinued it and it is hard to come by. It smells very crisp and fresh. Perfect for the kitchen! When you can find it, either in the outlet store or when Yankee Candle puts it back in stores I highly recommend getting your hands on it! I know when I find them I buy as many as I can to help my mom make sure she always has backups!

What are your favorite candles?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dinner by Boat

This weekend I was lucky enough to go to a lovely dinner by boat. We went with a close family friend and her family. That day I received a text from my mom saying that her and my sister were in New York, at the Bronx Zoo. I haven't seen my mom or my sister since the beginning of August so I jumped on having them out to dinner with us also. It was a 40 minute boat ride, which we were lucky the weather cleared up and we had smooth sailing. The restaurant was beautiful, they had so many fairy lights lit up and it just looked amazing. Unfortunately I'm not a huge seafood person so I did not take advantage of the oyster bar, but I had a lovely meal anyways. We didn't finish with dinner until about 7:45, so our ride back to the marina at the house was cold but the lights on the water were so amazing. Overall it was a great weekend full of great food and lovely company.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fall Bucket List

1. Go apple picking & bake an apple pie // Apple pie with fresh apples is the best!

2. Watch a scary movie // If you know me well you know I am terrified of scary movies!

3. Visit a pumpkin patch, find the perfect pumpkin, & carve it // We'll see how artistic I can be!

4. Make a huge leaf pile and jump in it // Lets pretend we're 5 again and relive our childhood!

5. Watch all of the Halloweentown movies, Hocus Pocus, & the Nightmare Before Christmas // Is it even Halloween time without these movies?

6. Go for a hike and enjoy the fall foliage // Seeing the leaves change is a New Englanders tradition!

7. Drink lots and lots of apple cider // Theres no better cider than fresh cider from the farm!

8. Go on a hay ride // Even better if you go at night and star gaze!

9.  Go to a football game // Be sure to bundle up! 

10. Hold an Oktoberfest party // Drink seasonal drinks & play tons of games

I would say go to a haunted house but the last time I went to one was 5 years ago and I had my eyes closed the whole time and I made my friend carry me, so thats not making it onto the list this year.

What are somethings you want to do this fall?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cozy Sweater & New iPhone 6

Sweater: Cotton On // Leggings: Nike
Today has been an exciting yet relaxed day! I decided to go very simple today, a nice cozy sweater and curling up on the couch. I've been watching a marathon of America's Next Top Model, which is a season I've already seen before. I jumped off the couch when I heard the UPS man arrive, my new phone was finally here! I did not want to be one of those people that slept overnight at the Apple store waiting for my new phone so I pre-ordered mine last week and it arrived right on time! I am so excited to finally get a new phone! I've had my iPhone4 for four years now and both my front screen and back screen are shattered! Also my camera seriously lacks. I also ordered some accessories for my new phone, mainly a lot of extra / long charges. Since I was going from the iPhone4 to the iPhone6 I had to get all new charges since the charging port is different. I also bought a stand for my car when I need to use my phone as a GPS which will come in handy when I make my three hour drives back home to visit. I also picked up one of the most handy items, a Mophie Juice Pack. Which is basically an extra battery and you can recharge your phone throughout the day when you need it! And I already have my monogram on it! 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Red Lips & White Dress

Jacket: Forever21 Similar // Dress: Tobi Similar // Shoes: Charlotte Russe Similar
I have been loving red lips lately, every chance I get I turn to red lips. Going into fall I like to pair my dresses with jackets so I don't freeze outside! The weather is starting to be freezing in the morning and so hot in the afternoon its hard to dress in the morning. This is a great option because the jacket keeps you warm in the morning and then take the jacket off in the afternoon and you can show your dress off. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Day in My Life

I thought I'd do something a little different today, I'm going to show you some of the things I did today! This morning I made myself a delicious smoothie using blueberries, peaches, a banana, & coconut milk! It tasted so good and I highly recommend it!

 I also ran a little on the treadmill today, let me just say how handy it is to have a full gym just steps away from my bedroom. It has spin bikes, weights, an elliptical, a stair master, and a treadmill. Literally everything I would need and I still don't get here as much as I should. My shoes are from Nike and my sports bra and my shorts are from cotton on. 

 I had to run to the mall to pick up some things from the apple store in anticipation for the arrival of my new phone! I seriously cannot wait for my new phone to come in the mail on Friday! I have had my iPhone 4 since 2011 and it is time for a change and an serious upgrade! I cannot wait for my phone camera to actually take decent photos! The worst part about going front he 4 to the 6 is that the charger changed. That is what I purchased at apple, 3 new / extra chargers. One for my purse, two for the cars, and an extra long one to use in my bedroom!

 While I was at the mall I picked up some treats! My favorite iced drink from Starbucks, a venti passion tea lemonade sweetened with little ice & a box of macaroons! So far I have eaten two, the caramel & peanut butter, and they were delicious! I am trying to hold myself back from eating the whole box but I don't want to spoil my dinner!

 This afternoon I was in heaven because we went to the puppy store and played with puppies all afternoon! This one was so cute and fluffy, we named him Mr. Grits. He was so sweet and little, I wish we could have taken him home with us!

I hope you all enjoyed this different little post! Let me know if you like these types of posts!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Must Have Sweaters of the Season

one // two // three // four // five

Its that time of year again! Time to break out the sweaters! Sweaters are so much fun to wear because they look really put together but they are so comfy! Sweaters can also be dressed up or down. These are my favorite sweaters this season & ones you'll most likely find me in. I said this in a different post, but I tend to stick to neutral colors in the fall but the orange sweater caught my heart! Orange is my favorite color and a perfect color for the fall so how could I do without a cashmere orange JCrew sweater? One of the sweaters I chose is from the men's section. I like men's sweaters because they tend to be over sized and they work perfectly over leggings or disco pants!

What are your favorite sweaters this season?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Makeup Collection & Storage

The point of this post isn't to brag or show off, its literally just to show you how I store my makeup and what products I like to use myself. I know my collection is bigger than most peoples but believe me it is not as big as most beauty bloggers / vloggers. I hope this gives you an idea of how to store your makeup!

I keep my foundations and bulky items out of the draws because they take up so much space. These are my favorite high end and drugstore foundations. Also my holy grail concealer! This Tarte cheek stain is the perfect color and it lasts all day! 

In the first draw of my set I keep my face products. Including: MAC, bareMinerals, Revlon, benefit, NYX, Too Faced, NARS, Maybeline, Milani

I have an excessive amount of mascaras and eyeliners, oops. Although I don't use them all, I favor some over others. My favorite mascara brand is Maybeline, I have tried so many of their mascaras and I love them all. 

My lip collection is my favorite. Lip colors is where I like the experiment the most! Although I tend to stick towards reds, plums, and pinks. My collection includes: MAC, Rimmel London, Revlon, MakeUpForever, & bareMinerals 

I've said this before but I keep saying it, the Revlon Colorburst Lip Stains are my absolute favorite lip product! Which is why I have seven. From left to right: Elusive, Cherish, Unapologetic, Crush, Smitten, Romantic, Standout. Crush is my absolute favorite and the one I wear the most, with Standout being a close second!

My last draw contains nail polishes, pallets, fake eyelashes, and random bits!