Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

As a girl, I put on makeup pretty much every single day, I know a lot of girls that do. One thing most girls forget to do is take the time to clean your brushes! I've seen friend's brushes that are so dirty, caked up with makeup. All I want to do is shake them and tell them to clean them! So I'll tell you all now! 

Makeup brushes get very dirty not only from makeup but germs can build up on them. It is very important to remember to clean your makeup brushes at minimum once a month, but you should try for every week / every two weeks. Using dirty makeup brushes can spread germs all over your face. Especially if you are prone to break outs you can spread the bacteria around your face and cause more breakouts for yourself. Although cleaning your brushes can be a pain, it is really a necessity for your health. 

Choosing the right soap
There are different soaps on the market to use, you can buy brush cleaners from so many different places or  you can make your own. Personally I like to use the Blender Cleaners Solid because it is more convenient to use. Some alternatives are dish soap, baby shampoo, or gentle body soap.

 Look at how dirty these brushes are, they are filled with foundation and concealer. Let's clean them!

Step One // Wetting the brush
Hold the brush downward into the water, turn the brush to make sure the whole brush head gets wet. If your brush has a wooden hand. DO NOT  get the brush wet past the metal fastener. DO NOT hold the brush upwards pouring water directly into the brush head. This will cause the glue to break up and your bristles to fall out.

Step Two // Clean with soap
Place the brush head into the soap and swirl it around placing soap evenly over the brush head. Then using either a lid or your hand run the brush head over the surfaces spreading the soap around. Keep repeating the process until you are satisfied with the cleanliness of the brush.

Step Three // Rinse the brush
Rinse the brush head off thoroughly while using your hand to get all the soap out. Make sure you really rinse out all the soap or else this can mess up how your makeup applies.

 YAY! All clean now, notice how the bristles are white again and no longer tan.

Step Four // Drying
Set your brushing out leaving the ends off the edge to help get all the water out. Leave out over night to ensure they're completely dry. 

 Now your brushes are clean and we can apply our makeup without spreading germs all over our faces! Perfect!