Friday, September 19, 2014

Cozy Sweater & New iPhone 6

Sweater: Cotton On // Leggings: Nike
Today has been an exciting yet relaxed day! I decided to go very simple today, a nice cozy sweater and curling up on the couch. I've been watching a marathon of America's Next Top Model, which is a season I've already seen before. I jumped off the couch when I heard the UPS man arrive, my new phone was finally here! I did not want to be one of those people that slept overnight at the Apple store waiting for my new phone so I pre-ordered mine last week and it arrived right on time! I am so excited to finally get a new phone! I've had my iPhone4 for four years now and both my front screen and back screen are shattered! Also my camera seriously lacks. I also ordered some accessories for my new phone, mainly a lot of extra / long charges. Since I was going from the iPhone4 to the iPhone6 I had to get all new charges since the charging port is different. I also bought a stand for my car when I need to use my phone as a GPS which will come in handy when I make my three hour drives back home to visit. I also picked up one of the most handy items, a Mophie Juice Pack. Which is basically an extra battery and you can recharge your phone throughout the day when you need it! And I already have my monogram on it! 


  1. Love the monogram.. I'm obsessed with them too!
    What a cute outfit, perfect for every day! Do you like the 6?! I need to go play with one ASAP!
    xo ClassToCloset

  2. Your gold case is to die for! Lovely blog:) xo, Hayley