Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Favorite Candles

One thing I love most about fall is the warm candle scents! I absolutely love candles, especially during the fall / winter months. Candles make your house / room warmer and feel cozier! Here are some of my all time favorite candles!

1. Macintosh - Yankee Candle Here
This scent is easily my favorite scent ever! I have been burning this scent for years now and I always give at least one for a gift every year. I'm not sure if it's because I grew up so close to apple orchards but I just love this scent. It smells as if you have an apple orchard in your room! I have this scent in my car also!

2. Harvest Peaches - Bath & Body Works Here
Along with apple I love peach scent things! Peaches are more of a summery / fall scent than a winter scent. This scent is a sweeter fruity scent but I very much enjoy it!

3. Baies - Diptyque Here
This is the more expensive candle on my list but it smells amazing. As you can tell I tend to stick towards the fruity scents. This candle smells like berries and it is seriously delicious! Although this candle is pricey it is definitely worth it!

4. Leaves - Bath & Body Works Here
Leaves is easily of one B&BW most talked about candle. It is described as a golden nectar, red apple, & spiced berry scent. This candle is perfect for the fall and smells of the outdoors. It reminds me of hiking in the woods.

5. Garden Cucumber - Yankee Candle
I think I love this scent because it is my mom's favorite all time scent! Unfortunately Yankee Candle discontinued it and it is hard to come by. It smells very crisp and fresh. Perfect for the kitchen! When you can find it, either in the outlet store or when Yankee Candle puts it back in stores I highly recommend getting your hands on it! I know when I find them I buy as many as I can to help my mom make sure she always has backups!

What are your favorite candles?

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