Saturday, September 13, 2014

My New Home

 As most people know I moved away about a month ago, three hours away from home. Three hours away from my family, my boyfriend, & the familiar. To be honest, I get homesick. I miss my family, my boyfriend, & my friends. Its hard moving away and harder moving somewhere knowing no one in the area. Its hard not having someone to go out to eat with or go get a coffee with. But I am adjusting quite well, made a few friends, & I'm slowly settling in. I moved somewhere that is very different from my hometown. Going from living in a town with one stop light and no gas stations. To living somewhere rather busy, that's a ten minute drive to New York City has been a shock. Although its been difficult and different I'm enjoying my time here. So for those of you that want an idea of where I am now, here you go! A glimpse at my Long Island life!

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  1. Great photos!! :)