Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pandora Favorites

Nowadays more people listen to Pandora than the radio or even downloading their own music. I know I do, I am constantly listening to Pandora. Whether it be in the car, while I'm making dinner, or while I'm working out. At my summer job we constantly have Pandora on! You can have such a good range of music & there is a station for literally everyone. I wanted to let you all know my favorite/most listened to stations!
1. Red Hot Chili Peppers Radio // This is one of the only stations my boyfriend and I can agree on listening to. We can both sit and enjoy the music on this station. 
2. Kanye West Radio // Seriously, who doesn't like old school Kanye? And yes, thank you Nicholas for making me listen to him so much that I now listening to his station on my own.
3. Summer Hits of the 2000s / 2000s Hip Hop // This station brings back so many memories. Its just constant great throwbacks to middle school / high school dances. This is a great one to play with friends because everyone remembers most of the songs played. 
4. Summer Hits of the 90s / 90s Pop Radio // I always have a hard time answering the question of: What type of music do you listen to? Mainly because I don't listen to one specific type. But I generally tell them I love 90's music. I can listen to it everyday and I just love the style of music then. It also reminds me so much of my parents because its what they play constantly.
5. Disney Radio // Honestly, who doesn't love to bust out some Disney songs? Maybe its just the kid in me, but I love Disney and I love to sing really badly & really loud!
*Bonus // Nicholas' Favorite Station: Gorillaz Radio
What are your favorite Pandora stations?

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  1. I just came across your blog! I love Summer Hits Pandora Stations, so perfect for a night outside in the summer.