Thursday, October 23, 2014

Curling My Hair

Hello everybody! I've been asked frequently how I curl my hair & what curling iron I use so I thought I'd let you all know! I use the NuMe Lustrum 5in1 curling wand. Honestly I think it is amazing! I have naturally really straight hair and I have a hard time curling it, but this curling wand does wonders for my hair! It comes with 5 different curling heads that you can switch out. I prefer the 32mm, it is the largest and it creates big voluminous curls. It also comes with a 25mm, 19mm, reverse, & pearl wand heads. The wand heats up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit in less than a minute so it is great if you have a lot of hair like I do & not a lot of time to do it. Because it gets so hot you need something to protect yourself from burning your fingers, luckily the kit comes with a heat protective glove. Although the glove is great at protecting your hand, it makes it difficult to grab your hair with the glove on, that is one downside to this kit. Other than that I love this product! I recommend picking this kit up for yourself or even a friend since Christmas is around the corner! I'm in the process of filming a video to show you all how I curl my hair, so look out for that!

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