Thursday, December 4, 2014

Get the Look - Sarah Hyland Part 3

Jacket: H&M // Tank top: Forever 21 // Pants: American Eagle // Boots: Forever 21

Okay this "Get the Look" style post is different from the other. I feel like you shouldn't strive to look exactly like a celebrity or person in general, but instead you should take tips from them. So instead of copying Sarah Hyland's outfit this time, I took inspiration from her outfit. This is a great way to utilize your own wardrobe. I used her idea of an all black outfit with tan boots. 

These "Get the Look" posts are going to be coming more frequently in collaboration with my friend Emily from Flowers in Emily's Hair where she is going over hair and makeup for Sarah Hyland! Be sure to check her post out!

In the middle of taking my photos I had a visitor! Meet Baxter, a two year old, 130lb Great Dane! He slobbers as much as he eats, which is a lot. He has a mean bark but he has a huge heart. He's the most loyal dog and will follow you around the whole house. Nothings better than sharing a home with a Great Dane...except when you have two! He has a sister, Mia, who is more reserved but sweet as ever. She loves to lay in the sun, just like every other girl!

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