Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Winter Wishlist | Electronics

1. Apple Watch Sport - I am a huge Apple person and I have to admit it when new products come out I always want it. I will generally always buy Apple products even without reading the reviews because I know how much I love their products already. I love the idea of the Apple Watch, I love the sport's edition best because its the cheapest version at $300 and I prefer this band over the leather bands.

2. Insta Mini 8 - I personally don't have one of these polaroid cameras yet but I've played with them before and they're so much fun. They're great for parties and hanging out with your friends because you can't edit the photos, you can't really see the photo before you take it. You get real raw images and their perfect for decorating your room.

3. Sony a5100 - Being a blogger/vlogger I've been researching the best vlogging cameras since I want to get more into vlogging my weekend adventures. This camera has a flip screen so you can easily see what you filming and make sure you are in frame. This camera also has wifi so if you take a photo you can send it to yourself and post it or save it right away without having to save it on your computer. One really neat thing about this camera is that event though it is a point and shoot camera you can change the lens! Sony make different lenses for this model and you can change it based off what you want to shoot or film!

4. GoPro Hero 4 - Like I mentioned in the last item, I want to start vlogging my adventures more. I travel quite a bit and I am traveling even more this year. I really want to get a GoPro because they're waterproof and I'm traveling to Mexico and Hawaii within the next 6 months so it would be perfect for filing underwater and adventure shots!

5. Apple TV - In our household we have ton of Apple TVs, I absolutely love them. They are so handy, you can easily watch your downloaded movies and Netflix. I currently watch Netflix every night on my laptop and I would love to start watching it on TV soon so I don't fall asleep with my laptop on my bed anymore.

What electronics are on your winter wish list this year?


  1. great list! i want an instaX so bad!!

    xoxo, Preeti

  2. We also love our Apple TV.. its so convenient. I really love all things Apple! ;)
    xx, Karen

  3. Great list! I love Apple products too. The Insta mini is a great gift idea!
    Charlene xo
    The Frugal Fashionista

  4. That instamax camera is top of my list!!

  5. Such great tech gifts! I totally want a go pro! I've been to a few weddings and even seen where videotographers will use them at other special events to go around filming and asking questions to the guest and put together the cutest videos to remember the special day by!
    And girl I'm totally with you about being an Apple junkie, every time they come out with a new MacBook I want to upgrade mine even thought mine's perfectly fine!

    Taylor |

  6. totally with ya!! Apple watches are SO cool. I kinda want to wait and see what their second model does, though. I am also wanting a new camera lense - hoping to snag one on black friday!
    Southern Elle Style

  7. Such a great wish list...I will take one of each! Love that you are traveling a lot and Hawaii?! Enjoy!

    Brooke | <a href="" rel="nofollow”>KBStyled</a>

  8. Okay I need ALL of these!!! Great picks - I'll add a few of these to my list too!!

    xo, Christina

  9. Great picks, girl! An instax is such a fun thing to have--I got one a couple of years ago and love it!

    Molly | Hey There Sunshine